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Centre for Modern Management (CMM) can trace its origin to the State’s human resource development under the colonial government. In 1957 the post of a training officer was created to administer scholarships for students to pursue higher education outside Sarawak.

After independence, human resource development continued to flourish with emphasis on local training and continuing education to meet the human resource needs for the State Public Service. The State Public Service Training Centre (SPSTC) was formed in 1975 to co-ordinate the human resource development activities for the State Public Service.

As a response to the speech made by the Chief Minister at the Dewan Undangan Negeri on 26 November 1993, SPSTC was privatized in January 1994. With the privatization, SPSTC was renamed Centre for Modern Management to reflect its new strategic roles in the State’s human resource development.
“…the Civil Service needs to be trained. And retraining at almost all levels.”
“… can our government officers work with the private sectors?”
“…we have to understand that changing the Civil Service means changing the mentality of the staff.”
“…I have given the directive to the State Secretary that we have to privatize the training of the government service. We will ask Yayasan Sarawak to employ an expert to see how the overall programme of the retraining of government servants can be prepared."
YAB Chief Minister of Sarawak
A management company, C.M.Management (Sarawak) Sdn. Bhd., was incorporated as wholly owned subsidiary of Yayasan Sarawak to manage the newly privatized centre on 28 March 1994.

What we do?
CMM conducts conferences, seminars, public courses and in–house training courses for t he public and private sectors. It also provides consultancy services based on the needs of organizations.

In-House Training
CMM’S in-house training programmes concentrate on the organisation itself, its real business problems, objectives and management needs. Any of CMM training programmes can be customized as in-house programme to suit the needs of the organization. Programmes can be conducted either at their own premises or CMM depending on preferences.

HROD Programmes & Initiatives
CMM offers a comprehensive range of programmes at individual, team and organizational levels. These programmes focus on:

Individual Development
- Managing Vision and Strategies
- Managing Innovation and Change
- Managing Information
- Managing Quality Work Processes and Performances
- Managing Effective Communication
- Managing Personal Development

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